• Company Hires New Staff Member To Improve Customer Service And Website

    Texoma Broadband Offers Suggestions for Internet Issues And Shares News Of Recent Tower Repairs

    July 5, 2021 SHERMAN, TX: Texoma Broadband Services, LLC. (texoma.net), an internet provider for northern Texas in the Lake Texoma area announces new staff member and offers first steps to take when dealing with internet issues.

    The owner of Texoma Broadband, JC Kirkland, explained: “We welcome Ameda Holmes to our staff as our new Billing and Escalations Director. She brings a detail oriented mindset, decades of customer service experience, and over twelve years of experience in website design and internet marketing.”

    Ameda continued, “I am very glad to come on board. I’ve been a Texoma Broadband customer for some years, and I have wanted to be able to apply some of my skills to the website. I have already made some minor changes and updates.

    “If our customers want to handle making their payments online, our payment portal is here. I am also available to help with billing issues, and can help with re-setting of passwords for the payment portal and the like.

    “One of my key duties is to be available for phone calls. Due to the nature of the Support department, they are frequently out of the office. Answering phone calls when one is on a roof is not necessarily the greatest idea! I can be reached at 903-813-4500, option 3. I am also happy to open tickets for the support department

    “Reaching Support directly would be 903-813-4500, option 2. You can also send a message via Facebook Messenger through the main Texoma Broadband Facebook page

    Field Service Manager, Jonathan Wright, added: “One of the easiest steps to take when people are having issues with their internet connection is to unplug both the router and the power supply to the radio for 5 to 7 minutes. The radio power supply is a small box as shown in the image. It is sometime necessary to repeat this two or three times.

    “When the issue in an area is at the tower, I will have Ameda post it on the Texoma Broadband Support page. This was necessary a couple times this past week. One was a power outage that took a number of people offline. Another was a technical issue that not only took the tower out of service, it also interrupted another tower that it fed.

    “A current project is making sure that all our tower equipment has back up power. Some are getting battery backup, others are getting generators that kick in when grid power goes down.”

    Owner JC Kirkland continued: “We do our best to provide internet service with NO LIMITS!”

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