• Company Engages in Wireless Broadband Tower Upgrades to I,prove Internet Service for Customers

    October 12, 2021 SHERMAN, TX: Texoma Broadband Services, LLC. (texoma.net), an internet provider for northern Texas in the Lake Texoma area does tower work ahead of an incoming storm system.

    The owner of Texoma Broadband, JC Kirkland, explained: “New equipment was ordered last week to upgrade two of our towers. The end result will be that all of the speed issues in the area of those two towers are fixed. ”

    Field Service Manager, Jonathan Wright, said “Additional actions include changing the tower-to-tower routing on one leg of the network, some frequency pair changes to improve reliability, and a couple access point changes to repair specific issues for a couple customers.”

    Owner JC Kirkland continued: “While that area will be down during the upgrades, an announcement will be posted on our Support Group Page by Ameda Holmes, our page admin and Billing and Escalations.

    Ameda continued, “I start a new thread every day on the Support Group Page. This avoids the problem of issues not getting noticed when the post sinks down into the weeds, as it were.

    “One of my key duties is to be available for phone calls. Due to the nature of the Support department, they are frequently out of the office, and sometimes out of cell phone service range. I can be reached at 903-813-4500, option 3. I am also happy to open tickets for the support department.

    “Reaching tSupport directly would be 903-813-4500, option 2. You can also send a message via Facebook Messenger through the main Texoma Broadband Facebook page

    Jonathan added:”One of the easiest steps to take when people are having issues with their internet connection is to uplug both the router and the power supply to the radio for 5 to 7 minutes. It is sometimes, but not always, necessary to repeat this two or three times. It is also sometimes necessary to have us re-boot the connection from our end.

    We do our best to provide internet service with NO LIMITS!”

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