• Texoma Broadband Technicians Handle Challenging Upgrade

    Homeowners Get Improved Internet Speed and Reliability

    JUN 14, 2021 SHERMAN, TX: Texoma Broadband Services, LLC. (texoma.net), an internet provider for northern Texas in the Lake Texoma area, was contacted by homeowners Rahn and Ameda. They had an idea to increase their online income streams and needed higher speed and a more reliable connection.

    The owner of Texoma Broadband, JC Kirkland, explained: “There were a couple issues that we had to handle here. First was the question of our resources. The tower they were currently being serviced by was not capable of an another LTE Office plan at that time. We decided that changing the homeowners service tower was the best option.”

    Field Service Manager, Jonathan Wright, picked up the narrative: “Changing their service tower allowed us to upgrade their radio to our latest, most powerful model. We did run into a technical issue. Broadband service needs to be line-of-sight, and their home is surrounded by mature oak trees. Putting up a taller antenna mast is not a Standard Install item, but it was the answer in this case. We went up as little as possible in order to get a solid signal, but it was still some twenty feet above the roof and required that we install guy wires.”

    Owner JC Kirkland continued: “The homeowners report that the new radio and antenna has improved their average speed from 6 MBPS to 14 MBPS, and that they no longer experience the interruptions in service that had been an issue. We look forward to seeing some of the content they will be putting on their new website (artearnativelife.com), and are very happy to provide them internet with NO LIMITS!

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